Nature Watch offers an amazing Animal Track Poster, and with so many children learning at home we’ve decided to make a smaller version of it available to download and print for FREE

The poster shows front and hind tracks of 16 common North American Mammals. Developed in collaboration with a tracking expert and a sketch artist, it does an incredible job of illustrating the 3D impressions that animals leave behind! Learners can compare, contrast and identify! 

Numbers next to each track correspond to a legend at the bottom – download the Free Instructor’s Guide and the poster becomes an interactive learning tool!

Click HERE To Download the Poster
Click HERE To Download the Instructor's Guide

Animal tracks (and animal scats!) are a way to teach children how to identify animals by the prints they leave behind. Nature-Watch has a variety of different animal tracking tools, including replica tracks and rubber stamp sets, to help kids learn to become expert animal trackers!

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